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Cosmos Carl launches HARD-CORE’s Patronage Programme

With HARD-CORE’s new patronage programme, you can become an official patron of the startup. There are multiple levels of patronships depending on how much you are able to support. We have range of nifty limited-edition pieces that you can receive as a patron. For example an elegant rosesilver HARD-CORE badge that can be worn on any occasion. Those who feel that they would like to generously support HARD-CORE will receive a unique silicon skin designed to cover and protect the delicate sensory technology of ASAHI 4.0. The skins are produced as part of Silicon Dreams, HARD-CORE’s investigation into sexist tendencies within tech-aesthetics, where automatons are often sexualized and depicted as female servants in a male dominated tech-industry. Silicon Dreams explores the aestheticization of automation and pursues a potential de-gendering of robotics. You can also support HARD-CORE with smaller amounts and you’ll become an official patron of HARD-CORE, listed on our website.

“In order to finish the programming of the robot and connect it to the database we need funds for hiring experts in the field. Our aim is to create a fully automated curatorial system, enabling every earthling (and aliens) to be selected into exhibitions curated by ASAHI.” – Skyler Lindenberg

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Link to the Patreon Page via: Cosmos Carl