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Be like me


Skyler’s intuition already knew that joining HARD-CORE was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for the creative genius, and to be on the executive team that could establish a great company. From the start of HARD-CORE’s tenure, Skyler set colossally high expectations. Such path however needed the strongest desire to develop. Greatness comes with enormous responsibilities and challenging bumps on the tarmac. These difficult situations can provide vital experience for your development, and even failures can provide valuable lessons that enhance success in the long run. Often, however, such a high-profile failure can tarnish the high spirited among us.

Be kind to oneself, but as well an empowering force to others. In a tremendous generous effort to motivate a planet, Skyler desires to open up and spread real motivation onto our entire blue marble.

The real reason is that, in Skyler’s mind, there’s nothing more important than helping outsiders gain a greater understanding of what kind of strength each individual harbours. Skyler Lindenberg shares their wisdom gathered through a long, tough, but loving journey exploring the potentials of algorithmic decision making and automation in the art world and beyond:

“I wish to be a little bit like everyone else, but for now – Be like me”
– Skyler Lindenberg

Interesting fact: Lindenberg is known for regularly sending emails at 4.30am and has previously held staff meetings via Skype on Random evenings to prepare for the struggle ahead. They are also massively into Underwater Hockey and likes visiting the Glass Beach in California, in addition to learn languages and knitting pullovers.


‘Be like me’ is on view at Ta·da

Open daily between 07.00 – 21.00.
22 Jul – 23 Aug