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Today on the first of May we celebrate International Workers’ Day; a day centralized around the celebration of labour. No other places than those where we work have been subject to the rigorous changes over the last centuries; from steam engine (1.0) to electrical energy (2.0) to IT (3.0) to Cyber Physical Systems (4.0). This latest Industry 4.0 is currently being developed focusing on the production and incorporation of Autonomous Machines and Virtual Environments within the cycle of industrial production, ultimately leading to a Smart Factory.

Key design concepts of Industry 4.0 are Interoperability, Virtualization, Decentralization, Real-Time Capability, Service Orientation and Modularity. Confronted with this skeleton construct of the future we, at HARD-CORE, could only think of how these concepts are already applied within our ways of working. Even though we operate on a seemingly counterproductive organ called ‘art’ we find ourselves affiliate with the notion of Industry 4.0, and wonder if we could even speak of an Art 4.0.

It might seem farfetched, yet we do see opportunity and potential for a 4.0-isation of artistic production in the sense of its shift toward a service oriented practice, integrated with the latest available technologies. The goal is not to force anyone under a 4.0 model against their will but to think of a device on which we, as artists, can rely and experiment with. Coincidentally we have been working in the past years on a curatorial robotic device that is currently arriving at its latest successor named: Asahi 4.0.

Asahi 4.0 is still in a phase of development, but the release date is getting closer and closer. Pin this date: the 30th of September 2015 Asahi 4.0 will be launched. During a unique conference HARD-CORE’s one and only CEO will introduce the art-world’s next generation robot.  We invite you to look forwards with us on and;
Let the countdown begin!

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