Asahi 1.0

Asahi 1.0 is the first robotic curatorial method developed by HARD-CORE. This version has a camera mounted on a robotic base that rotates on two axes towards random positions. The camera focuses on random distances, of which the exact focus point would be the position of a work.


Asahi 1.0 was brought into action for the exhibition Ding-Mon-Seek (thing-my-search) that took place in Amstel 41, Amsterdam.

For this occasion the curator of Amstel 41 (Hrafnhildur Gissurardóttir) was given only one decision, which was to place Asahi in the space of exhibiting. By doing so, she gave away her power of decision making for the rest of the show.

After this Asahi gave each artist 4 different points, which had to be used in some way. Dealing with those points implied not only the consideration of Asahi but also the works of the other artists and the space itself.

This resulted in a clustered and unharmonious distribution of works, but still managed to express a certain value of aesthetics.

During the process of the build up Heiðar Kári Rannversson (Art-Theorist) and Suzie Hermán (Curator) were invited for a hardcore session about the exhibition concept.

A transcription of the statements made during this dialogue was printed and displayed in the frontspace.

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Documentation of DING-MON-SEEK

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Finissage of DING-MON-SEEK