Toolbox n°1:

Almost Surely Not What You Want

HARD-CORE assembled a curatorial toolbox which can be used by artists and curators (or any one interested) in order to make decisions that otherwise are preferential and arbitrary.

This toolbox can be used to curate any exhibition in any given gallery space. It also can decide on what kind of characteristics a space should have e.g. The shape of a space, light conditions, colors of walls.

Amongst many handy features it can be used for deciding on the opening times of an exhibition: when the opening reception will take place, the daily opening hours of the exhibition and even whether there will be a finissage or not.

All parameters are based on a randomized system that creates an endless amount of possibilities limited to a database that it has in store.

The picture above is a screenshot of the toolbox.

At every refresh of the webpage a new set of ingredients were generated.