This curatorial method is an attempt to mix personal curatorial preferences by building teams of curators. Each team gets a chance to curate the works in the show, by finding together solutions of display. After the first team decided on the placement, the second team comes in and “re-curates” the works. The same goes for the third team.

Each team has full freedom to create new combinations, but is asked to write a short statement, where the ideas about the initial positions and the decisions for repositioning are clarified.

Co-Re-Curation was used during the exhibition Ultimate Harmony at Upominki, Rotterdam.

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“Who does not know this feeling, when entering an exhibition, wanting to swap things around and reposition the works? Well, this is your chance! We would like to invite you for a hands-on co-re-curation of the exhibition ‘Ultimate Harmony’ at Upominki. Come and decide with fellow viewers what is the most optimal assemblage of this exhibition!”


This text was used to introduce an event on Facebook, inviting anybody who felt like participating to co-re-curate ‘Ultimate Harmony’ at Upominki during the second week of November 2012. Initially we had asked the curator of Upominki, Weronika Zielinska, to invite an x-amount of persons to be part of this curatorial investigation.

She decided to have an open call on Facebook looking for enthusiastic people willing to participate. The first 8 persons who reacted to this Facebook event were invited to co-re-curate ‘Ultimate Harmony’.

co-re-curated results:

Group 1: Renée Staal, Jessica Tankard, Bas van Liempd

Curatorial text of group 1

Group 2: Georgie Harris, Dico Kruijsse

Curatorial text of group 2

Group 3: Rosa Sijben, Just Quist, Roos Wijma

Curatorial text of group 3


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