Toolbox n°.2

(open beta)

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Position of Work on Floor Plan:

Height Location of Work in %:

Light Conditions:

Wall Color:

PV & OT practicalities

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Extra Tools

Random Number Generators:

How to Use

Dear future user of HARD-CORE’s Toolbox no 2, welcome to our most recent tool, do not be shy. It can be used for anything you can imagine, use it as a whole or only parts of it, whatever you fancy.

We have built this tool to make exhibitions, to objectify and randomize decision that need to be made.

When you opened this page the generator already gave you light conditions; if you scroll down you will see an image of the lightbulb to be used. If you scroll further down it will have given you information about your Private View & Opening Time PRACTICALITIES.

step 1 – The Title generator:

  • Choose a library ‘HARD-CORE’, ‘Mélange’, ‘Harts Lane’ or ‘All’.
  • Push ‘generate title’, and there you have your title!


step 2 – Position of Work on Floor Plan:

  • upload a jpg of your floor plan
  • below the image of the floor plan you will see a button ‘Click for position’ that makes small red crosses, click for as many positions you need.
  • The red cross is the position where a single work should be placed. Below you have drag and drop frames that you can place on the cross. Give it an indication so you remember what work should go where. We recommend that you use the “space for notes” box to already indicate witch work is number 1, 2, 3 and so forth.


step 3 – Height Location of Work in %:

  •  When you have all your crosses on the floor plan go to ‘Height Location of Work in %’: there you will get the height position of the work; Floor being 0% and ceiling 100%.
  • When installing, use a measuring tape to know the height of the space and calculate in cm or inches where the work should be placed.
  • click the first HEIGHT button of get the height of the first work the second button for the second work and so forth.
  • If more height positions are needed simply override the first results by clicking again. But make sure that previous results are noted.


step 4 – Wall Color:

  • Click the Wall Color button to get the colour of the walls, when you click on the colour #code you will automatically be redirected to a website that gives you the different names of the colour.
  • This can be taken to your local paint shop that can mix the exact colour for you.
  • When painting the walls remember to clean your brushes well after the painting is done.


step 5 – Random Number Generators:

  • This tool has no clear indication, if you need a number for any reason go ahead and use it.
  • If you would like to randomize how many days the exhibition will be open, this tool can be useful.


We highly recommend using the first information the tool gives you and try to follow the instructions as close as possible and avoid compromises.

Good luck and have fun!

The toolbox is in permanent open beta, which means that we are looking forwards to any comments and feedback. Is there anything missing or something not working correctly please send a mail to:

In case you would like to curate a show with the toolbox and have HARD-CORE involved drop a line as well. We are always happy to be involved.